How much do you know about aerobic exercise

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Aerobic exercise, a lot of people are doing aerobic exercise, slowly not only can reduce weight, also can mind, let a person calm down and for white-collar workers, is a healthy sport, but how much do you know about aerobics, follow below small make up to look at it.
1. What are the advantages of aerobic exercise to lose weight?
Movement, the body muscles need more oxygen, blood circulation, breathing at the same time also will increase, and if long time movement, the muscle contraction continuously, the waste in the muscle is oxygen removal.In addition, in aerobic exercise, accumulate in the body of the sugar is oxygen oxidation and effectively consume, body fat at the same time to speed up the combustion, the cardiopulmonary function has a promoting role.Aerobic exercise can relax the mood, is the main fitness exercise way and the best way to lose weight.
2. Aerobic exercise is better than strength training in the aspect of control body fat?
Aerobic exercise and strength training with fitness, the effect of different aerobic exercise to burn fat, and strength training first consumption of sugar in the body, and at the same time, the consumption of aerobic exercise quantity of heat more than strength training, even so, also cannot say that aerobic exercise is better than strength training, the best way to eliminate fat should be combined with aerobic exercise and strength training.Compared with aerobic exercise and strength training can improve the metabolism of the body, even at rest can help burn calories.So, aerobic exercise with strength training is the best way to lose weight.
3. The more the better aerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercise is to pay attention to the limit.While aerobic exercise can effectively give consume the body fat, but if too much, will will consume his muscles.Related studies have found that 2 hours of aerobic exercise, the body will be consumed 90% of leucine, and this kind of leucine is for muscle growth plays a very important role.And the excessive exercise, muscle could easily be strain.

4. Eat sweets, do aerobic exercise for half an hour or more to consume it?
Aerobic exercise can burn fat, consumption quantity of heat, so it may be extended appropriately exercise time to reach the purpose of consume too much heat.But once the habit formation, is harmful to lose weight.Imagine, when you have a prolonged exercise to burn off excess calories, you will be well control your appetite?And, over time, and the movement, can let the body was in a state of fatigue for a long time, maybe didn't feel during movement, once stopped, will feel sore and ache all over.
5. Before the aerobic exercise, should eat a healthy meal in order to increase energy?
Aerobic exercise did not immediately after eating, or you will have a negative effect to the body, but after a meal should not have been sitting, can be up to half an hour or so on the site, prevent fat accumulation in the waist and abdomen and legs.Remember to drink water in time, in their sports supplement moisture, do not think that water consume can slim down oh, filling water in weight loss but very important details!
6. Work is very busy every day, the time of exercise every time need more than 1 hours, aerobic exercise to lose weight it is difficult to perform?
Aerobic exercise to lose weight also need to adhere to, if it is on a whim exercise, wait for interest didn't give up, weight loss is not completely successful, even in a period of time to thin down, do not exercise, weight loss will rebound soon.So, MM people must insist on oh, slowly form the good habit of exercise, then don't think it is a difficult task, but regard it as an interesting to perform.
7. How should arrange strength training and aerobic exercise?
Aerobic exercise, the quantity of heat that use up more than strength training, strength training, just in order to build muscle, increase muscle, less energy consumption, so you should put the aerobic strength training after, can ensure that both the physical aerobic exercise, strength training.On the contrary, if not put aerobic behind, in power consumption has been almost of time, strength training will not help lose weight, or even increase the weight.

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