The error you made several in the gym running?

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Every day to the fitness Undoubtedly, the benefits of running very much, as long as you make a few adjustments to running posture and skills, you can get more benefits from running!Running can burn fat, weight 61 kg of 45 minutes of jogging can consume more than 2009 kilojoules of quantity of heat, can build muscle at the same time, the legs and hips effect is more obvious, to release pressure.Run about 4 ~ 5 km a day, however, hard to avoid can make a person feel boring, difficult to adhere to for a long time.In order to overcome the drab feeling running, but also for the sake of body and mind can gain more benefits from running.So the running error in these fitness to understand.

1. Running in the morning in the woods: plants absorb carbon dioxide for photosynthesis during the day, at the same time producing oxygen.But in the evening, they are absorbed oxygen in the air, discharge of carbon dioxide.A big piece of wood overnight to get rid of a considerable amount of carbon dioxide, plus trees lush, carbon dioxide is not easy to send out.So early in the morning when the air is the worst day of the forest, when running in the morning, is harmful to the body health.Especially the elderly, to run longer, lung condition urgent happens, arrhythmia, and so on and so forth.Young people with poor physical quality also can have the symptoms of dizziness, shortness of breath.
2. Running on an empty stomach: sports needs energy, the human body the usual energy sources mainly from food intake of carbohydrates.Exercise on an empty stomach, the main energy source is fat, the human body in the blood free fatty acid concentration significantly increased.Although these free fatty acid is the main energy source of cardiac activity, but if the material too much, will also be a heart of toxins, cause arrhythmia.Therefore, hollow when running distance not too far, before running the best drink a cup of sugar water, energy and water.
3. Run in the heavy fog, air pollution is more and more serious, now the fog is also more and more, some runners had to run in the fog.But in the city, heavy fog weather running is adverse to the body.The fog close to the ground, it is easy to adsorb some soluble harmful substances, such as acid, alkali, amine in the air, benzene, phenol, etc.And tiny water droplets floating in the air, dust adsorption and microbial pathogens.7 ~ 9 o 'clock in the morning, the mist concentration of the harmful material is highest, the most harmful to people.The density of the fog weather, can change to indoor exercise.
4. After running stopped suddenly, some runners, lack of experience in severe after running often like stopped suddenly, a butt sitting on the ground to rest, it is quite dangerous.Running in the process of muscle relaxation and contraction, to activity after a sudden stop, pressure greatly weakened muscle of blood vessels, and blood vessels are still in a state of expansion.By gravity, the blood will be concentrated in the lower extremities and returned to the blood of the heart, make the brain appear insufficient blood supply for the time being, then there will be stars, pale face, limbs weakness, dizziness disgusting wait for a phenomenon.At the moment especially stood up from the ground, the feeling will be particularly apparent, serious still can go into shock.So, after a long run to continue jogging walking distance, and take a deep breath, calm the body adjust themselves to the state.
5. Weekend concentrated movement: five days a week ago almost no movement, the body has actually been used to the state.Suddenly took out a lot of time at the weekend exercise, it will break have formed the physical and the body balance, its effect is less than that without movement.Therefore, scientific and effective way is to exercise 3 ~ 5 times a week.No time to exercise at ordinary times, should be at least at one's leisure activities for the body, movement or want to pay attention to maintenance.
6. Insist on running every day: some people think that running every day must adhere to.Expert thinks, if running is fitness for the purpose, will cooperate with the rest, or too tired, the body will go wrong.Exercise can promote health is based on the theory of "excess resume" : more than normal load movement can bring the stimulation of stronger muscles and internal organs, so the body can "resource" organizations to strengthen the related functions.But exercise may cause fatigue, so you need to give the body a certain amount of time to complete "excess".Otherwise, not only affect the normal life, it will cause damage to the body.Reasonable running fitness plan for 3 ~ 5 times a week, according to their own physical strength, fatigue, etc. To determine the number of days running.
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