Winter fitness "five fit" and cautions of winter exercise

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Fitness in winter and don't stop, appropriate choice of in indoor fitness equipment fitness.With the improvement of awareness of the importance of exercise, winter at the exercise more and more, but in this particular winter season, to achieve the purpose of physical fitness, also should especially pay attention to the following "five".  
Should be 1, the warm-up activity
Cold weather, the human body each organ system protective contraction, stretch muscles, tendons and ligaments stretch and sex is reduced, the viscosity increase of muscle and joint range decreases, and combined with the air humidity is small, so make the person feels thirsty irritable, feel the body stiff, is not easy to stretch.If you don't do warm-up exercise, often can cause muscle strain, joint sprain.So in winter during exercise, especially in outdoor, the first thing to do sufficient warm-up activities, jogging, brain-storming and light equipment of a small amount of exercise, the body of fever after sweating slightly, then into the fitness movement.   
2, suitable for fitness environment
If to exercise outside, should pay attention to choose xiangyang, sheltered places.And should not be in an environment air turbidity, smoky fitness exercise.Bad weather should pay attention to at the same time, the climate conditions, such as large wind, heavy snow or cold weather, temporarily not in outdoor exercise.In the gym, don't shut the window, should keep indoor air circulation, fresh.Because the person is in quiet condition exhaled carbon dioxide more than 20 liters per hour, and moving out more, if more than 10 people to exercise at the same time, an hour is more than 200 liters, coupled with the sweat of breakdown products, the digestive tract to exclude harmful gas, etc., which severely contaminated indoor air.People in such an environment will appear the phenomenon such as dizziness, fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, poor natural exercise effect.
3, fitness sent us is appropriate
To participate in fitness activities, first of all, according to oneself body state, physical fitness, etc., coupled with personal interests and hobbies, special skill to choose the suitable sports, and in a planned way to increase practice density, gradually extend the time of exercise, improve the body function, improve the quality of the special, burn body fat, prevent fat accumulation.In the fitness activities also should pay attention to rest, in the middle to prevent sports injury.Exercise intensity also don't increase.Suitable strength reliable pulse value determined.Studies have shown that exercise maximum safe value of pulse, pulse of 20 to 29 years old in 170 times/min, 30 ~ 39 pulse in 160 times/min;40 ~ 49 pulse in 150 times/min;More than 50 pulse in 140 times/min.
4, fitness time is suitable for: human activities by the "biological clock" control, according to the law of "biological clock" to arrange time, so more beneficial to health.Winter fitness in the afternoon at 19:00 PM ~ between ideal.At this point, the outdoor temperature is higher, has a high body temperature, physical strength is abundant, exercise up more easily into the motion state.14:00 ~ 16:00 is a good time to strengthen physical strength, muscles to bear ability is higher than other time.
5, fitness wear suitable for: winter for fitness, just when he began to exercise to wear more clothes, wearing clothes to soft, not too loose or too tight, after warming up, can take off some thick clothes.After exercise, if sweating shall promptly wipe the sweat more, prevent sweat evaporation energy body, make the heat lost.In addition, the outdoor exercise more to keep warm, after the exercise due to body heat, but don't stand where there is wind blowing, and as soon as possible back to indoor, wipe sweat, put on clean clothes.In outdoor fitness activities especially should protect the good start, back, feet, cold air from the fur and muzzle invades the body, influence fitness exercise effect already otherwise, also easy to catch a cold sick.New journey sports mall small make up warm prompt winter haze weather outdoor exercise of avoid by all means!
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